We offer ultra-black products in a variety of materials for a range of applications. This guide is to help you choose the right black for you if you aren’t sure which would be best for your needs. Our current product offerings can be divided by material type - polyurethane foam sheets, nylon/rayon fabrics, and a water-based acrylic paint. All products are RoHS and REACH certified - safe and non-toxic.

Material Types

Type of Material Polyurethane Foam  Fabrics   Paint
  • Fineshut SP
  • Fineshut KIWAMI 
  • VL Flock Sheet
  • IR Flock Sheet 
  • Musou Black Fabric FR 
  • Musou Black Fabric KIWAMI 
  • Musou Black Paint 
Key Features 
  • Strong light absorption performance in both visible and infrared light ranges. 
  • Our most stable material type that does not produce particulate debris on contact
  • *Omni-directional light absorption - Fineshut SP only
  • Our thinnest materials   
  • Water-resistant
  • Our blackest products  
  • Optimal for most applications and lighting environments 
  • *Fire-resistant - FR only 
  • Easily applicable with a paintbrush or air-brush 
  • Water-based acrylic paint 
  • Internal components of machinery and optical equipment
  • QR codes
  • Interior design 
  • Photography backdrop 
  • Videography 
  • AR and VR 
  • Temporary light-absorbing treatment 
  • Hobby use


Product name VL Flock Sheet IR Flock Sheet MB Fabric FR MB Fabric KIWAMI
Light range coverage VL Only VL and IR VL Only VL Only
Special Features / Notes Most Durable Absorbs IR light Fire-resistant World's Blackest


Product name Fineshut SP Fineshut KIWAMI
Light range coverage VL and IR VL and IR
Special Features / Notes Omnidirectional light absorption Perpendicular Light absorption

Total Hemispherical Light Reflectance Rate Comparison (AOI 8°)


* When viewed by the naked eye, each person's perception of "blackness" may differ depending on the lighting environment and other conditions. 

Light Absorption Rates

Product Name UV 250nm VL 500nm N-IR 950nm N-IR 1500nm
Fineshut SP 98.3% 98.8% 98.8% 98.6%
Fineshut KIWAMI 99.2% 99.3% 99.3% 99.3%
VL Flock Sheet 99.5% 99.7% 90.0% 56.3%
IR Flock Sheet 99.7% 99.7% 99.7% 99.7%
Musou Black Paint
(air-brush coating)
99.2% 99.4% 98% 89.3%

*These numbers are averaged

Total reflectance values of our materials are based on the industry-standard AOI 8° index. Total reflectance is the measurement result of combining both diffuse reflection and specular reflection measurements. AOI 8° means that the light is incident at an angle of 8° from the normal. 


For example, based on this index, our "Foam" series consistently absorbs light from ultraviolet to near-infrared light ranges. This performance is achieved by the uneven structure derived from the foaming process and the composition of carbon atoms blended into the resin. 


We also offer a variety of fabrics. Our entry-level “VL Flock Sheet” is cost-effective and provides strong light-absorption performance in the visible light range. In contrast, our “IR Flock Sheet” provides improved ultraviolet and excellent infrared light-absorption performance, which are the weak points of the entry-level VL Flock Sheet. Our premium fabrics, Musou Black Fabric FR and Musou Black Fabric KIWAMI, are our blackest products and have the best visible-light absorbing performances. The FR variant is treated to be fire-resistant and is great for indoor use. Meanwhile, our flagship, Musou Black Fabric KIWAMI, is the World’s Blackest Fabric in the visible-light range. 


Musou Black Paint's light-absorption performance will vary depending on the painting method, so please keep that in mind when applying. For best results, please apply with an air-brush.  

Sizes & Other Information

Name Available Dimensions Thickness (mm) Composition
Fineshut SP
  • 500mm x 400mm
  • 500mm x 1000m
  • 500mm x ...m
0.22 or 0.40 Polyurethane foam
Fineshut KIWAMI
  • 480mm x 280mm
  • 190mm x 53mm
0.37 Polyurethane foam
VL Flock Sheet
  • 950mm x 20m 
  • 950mm x ...m
0.9 Rayon-base / nylon pile
IR Flock Sheet
  • 950mm x 20m
  • 950mm x ...m
0.8 Rayon-base / rayon-pile
Musou Black
Fabric FR
  • 1100mm x 42m
  • 1100mm x ...m
1.7 Rayon-base / rayon-pile
Musou Black
  • 1100mm x 24m
  • 1100mm x ...m
1.8 Rayon-base / rayon-pile
Musou Black Paint 
  • 100ml
  • 1L
  • 15L
- Water-based acrylic paint

Our Fineshut SP is available in widths of 500mm and 1m. Please allow up to 2 months lead time for 1m width orders. 


The maximum dimensions we can provide for our Fineshut KIWAMI are 480mm x 280mm per sheet as it is manufactured by hand one sheet at a time. Because the material is so thin, Fineshut KIWAMI will always be laminated with double-sided tape to ensure durability.  


The standard version of Musou Black Fabric KIWAMI is backcoated with resin for improved durability. However, a non-backcoated, softer version is also available.  


The light-absorbing performance of our Foam and Fabric products do not degrade upon slight contact. However, a Musou Black Paint coating is very delicate and can easily be damaged, resulting in performance degradation. Please be aware that the damaged coating is prone to generating particulates. 


Musou Black Paint when applied via paint brush can cover an area of approximately 0.9m2 per 100ml. When applied via air-brush for maximum blackness, around 1.4x more paint is needed to cover the same area. 

Double-Sided Tape

Name Thickness (mm) Features
DIC 8103D Black 0.15 Non-woven fabric-based material. Flexible and highly adaptable to curved surfaces. It leaves minimal residue within a short amount of time, therefore making it easy for re-application. It can be used for a wide range of applications. 
DIC 8616UJ Black 0.05 PET-based material. The thinner cross-section reduces unwanted light reflection.
*Please note that the release film can be a little difficult to peel off.

The featured tapes are black, have strong adhesion, and have excellent light obstructing properties. In addition to the tapes listed here, we can also laminate other types of tape upon request. 


We provide a custom cutting service using a laser processing machine to support small lots and prototype parts with short delivery times. Shipment is possible on the same day at the earliest. 


The estimated processing cost can easily be calculated by downloading the adjacent Excel file and entering the material and external dimensions of the parts in the red outlines. However, the cost will change depending on the shape, so the official quotation will be provided after receiving the design drawing from you. 

Custom Cutting Cost Calculation.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Table 17.2 KB
Fineshut SP (Right)
Laser-cut parts

*As a drawback of laser processing, a slight amount of particulate may adhere around the edges. 

In addition, we can combine laser-cutting and material application processes to achieve alternative printed products such as non-reflective QR code signboards. For any inquiries related to this matter, please feel free to contact us through the inquiry page.  


*Musou Black Fabric FR is not available for laser cutting.

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