Due to the increasing demand for a fire-resistant ultra-black fabric, we created Musou Black Fabric FR. Developed alongside our Musou Black Fabric KIWAMI, Musou Black Fabric FR achieves a visible light absorption rate of over 99.8%, making it our second blackest material. Furthermore, it has been treated with a special coating that makes it fire-resistant. It is certified fire-resistant by JISL1091A (JP), NFPA 701 (US), EN 13773 (EU), SOR/2016-194 (CA) standards.


Musou Black Fabric FR



Ships within 1~2 weeks

*Please note that we are unable to ship to PO boxes & military addresses. 

For orders of one roll (approx. 22m) or more please inquire for bulk pricing and availability.

Musou Black Fabric FR


Product Specifications

Usage Precautions

  • Before purchasing, please check your local fire-resistance requirements.
  • This fabric does not cover the infrared light range.
  • Do not leave any heavy objects on the fabric as it will likely result in a drop in light absorption performance.
  • As a drawback of the flocking process, little bits of particulates may be generated due to pile-loss, so it may not be suitable in environments where cleanliness is a top priority such as internal parts of precision equipment.
  • In the case of wrinkles or creases, indirectly applying steam and brushing with a soft brush may restore its performance.

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