Custom Cutting Service


We provide a custom cutting service using a laser processing machine to support small lots and prototype parts with short delivery times. Shipment is possible on the same day at the earliest. 


The estimated processing cost can easily be calculated by downloading the adjacent Excel file and entering the material and external dimensions of the parts in the red outlines. However, the cost will change depending on the shape, so the official quotation will be provided after receiving the design drawing from you. 

Custom Cutting Cost Calculation.xlsx
Microsoft Excel Table 17.2 KB
Fineshut SP (Right)
Laser-cut parts

*As a drawback of laser processing, a slight amount of particulate may adhere around the edges. 

In addition, we can combine laser-cutting and material application processes to achieve alternative printed products such as non-reflective QR code signboards. For any inquiries related to this matter, please feel free to contact us through the inquiry page.  


*Musou Black Fabric FR is not available for laser cutting.

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