Q&A and Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Can Musou Black Paint be used as an automotive paint? 

A: The simple answer is No. Musou Black was never designed to be used as an automotive paint. This paint is fragile and the coating can easily be scratched/peeled off. Top or clear coats may improve its durability however this will decrease Musou Black's darkness. If you would still like to paint a vehicle, we recommend to do it solely for display purposes and not for long-term use.

Q: Can I apply a top or clear coat on top of Musou Black Paint?

A: Top or clear coats may improve Musou Black's durability, however this will decrease its "darkness" because light will reflect off of the top or clear coat. If you would like to maximize Musou Black's darkness, then the Musou Black Paint coating needs to be the top layer.

Q: What can I do to improve Musou Black Paint's durability? 

A: Applying a primer beforehand will slightly improve Musou Black Paint's adhesion, however the coating will still be fragile. We are currently researching methods to improve the paint's durability without affecting its darkness. Once we find something, we will make an announcement.

Q: How do I clean the fabrics?

A: We recommend cleaning our fabrics with an adhesive lint-roller or by dry-cleaning. We do not recommend washing them as this will flatten the hair-like piles on the surface of the fabrics which will make them more reflective.

Q: Do you ship to India, Brazil, or Greece?

A: While we technically are able to do so, due to the importation laws of these three countries, shipments in the past were held by customs and imposed with heavy duties. Therefore, these 3 countries are temporarily not available as shipping destinations on our online store. If this is acceptable and you would like to proceed with an order, then please kindly send us an inquiry.

Q: Can I order Musou Black Paint and have it shipped to Mexico?

A: Due to Mexico's chemical importation laws we are unable to ship our Musou Black Paint to Mexico. However, we can can ship our fabric and foam products so if you are interested in purchasing those then please kindly send us an inquiry.

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