Made from the same polyurethane foam as our Fineshut SP, Fineshut KIWAMI is the upgraded version that significantly improves its light absorption properties. This performance increase is achieved by forming numerous microscopic grooves that absorb light emitted from the direction perpendicular to the grooves. It achieves a total hemispherical absorption rate of 99% or more throughout the entire visible light range with a thinness of only 0.37mm. In addition, it produces far fewer particulates compared to flock sheets. This is the best material for stray-light countermeasures in optical equipment and is REACH & RoHS 2.0 complaint.

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Fineshut KIWAMI(With Thinner Tape)



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Fineshut KIWAMI with Thinner Tape (DIC#8616UJ)


Close up image of Fineshut KIWAMI, using an electron microscope

Product Specifications

Usage Precautions

  • In order to maximize the light-absorption effect by the grooved shape on the surface, please make sure that the direction of the grooves are perpendicular to the light source.
  • There is light transmission due to micro foaming and grooved structure, which makes the material semi-transparent. Therefore it can not be used to block the transmission of light.
  • We cannot provide the raw material, this product always needs to be backed with double-sided tape.
  • For omni-directional light absorption, please check out our Fineshut SP variant.

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